LATE POLICY: You have a total of 4 late days that can be used in atomic units over the entire quarter. By atomic I mean, for example, that 35 minutes over the deadline is equal to 1 late day.


  • HW #0: The Lambda Calculus (due Wed 10/16 by 11:59pm)

  • HW #1: Introduction to Haskell (due Wed 10/23 by 11:59pm)

  • HW #2: Random Art (due Wed 10/30 by 11:59pm)

  • HW #3: All about Fold (due Wed 11/6 by 11:59pm)

  • HW #4: Nano (due Wed 11/20 by 11:59pm)

  • HW #5: Type Classes (due Wed 12/4 by 11:59pm)

Past Exams

Older exams use OCaml instead of Haskell. Check out these lecture notes for a comparison between the two languages.