Homework Assignments (45%)

  • There will be six programming assignments, assigned every one or two weeks.
  • Links to assignments will be posted on the assignments page.
  • You will submit assignments via Gradescope.
  • You can work on the assignment either alone or in groups of two.
  • If you are working with a partner and submitting the same code, please submit as a group (otherwise identical code might be flagged as plagiarism).

Late Policy

You have a total of eight late days that you can use throughout the quarter, but no more than four late days per assignment.

  • A late day means anything between 1 second and 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds past a deadline
  • If you submit past the late day limit, you get 0 points for that assignment
  • There is no penalty for submitting late but within the limit

Midterm (25%)

  • Will be held on Monday, May 6.
  • Format: multiple choice quiz on Gradescope, available for 24 hours.

Final (30%)

  • Will be held on Thursday, June 13.
  • Format: programming assignment. Solved individually in the course of 24 hours, but otherwise similar to homeworks.

Since the final is cumulative, your midterm grade will be calculated as midterm > 0 ? max(final, midterm) : 0. This means that you get a second chance if you don’t do well on the midterm but you must turn in both the midterm and the final.

Discussions (+5%)

Extra credit for top-20 best participants in Piazza discussions, determined by the instruction team.